“I’m having a hard time with my disability. What can I do?

You are not alone. Living with a disability can be more than just an important dimension of your identity—it can be empowering. However, sometimes it can also feel alienating or isolating. Having a disability is considered a minority status in the U.S., specifically because so many people’s needs and accommodations remain overlooked or ignored. As a result, it is completely normal to struggle when things are not easy, and there are resources to help you cope.

EnabledMuslim hopes to launch its online support network soon, though you can join our temporary support network here.  In addition, there are numerous mental health resources provided by and for Muslims. Mental health care is a crucial component of providing for our well-being, and if you are having a hard time, do not hesitate to seek help from a mental health care provider.

You can find help immediately by contacting these hotlines:

We also recommend finding a mental health provider near you. Many insurance plans include mental health care coverage, and can suggest local providers. Project Sakinah also offer a robust directory of local Muslim counseling services and other social services at projectsakinah.org.

In addition, other educational resources about Muslim mental health and maintaining healthy relationships include the following:

  • The Family & Youth Institute
  • The Journal of Muslim Mental Health 
    • From an American Muslim perspective, the Journal of Muslim Mental Health can provide more information about recent studies specifically related to mental health, stigma, and risk factors in the American Muslim community. (Note: many of these studies are concentrated on American Muslims of Arab and South Asian descent.)

Another way to combat the stigma your diagnosis/es is by checking out the resources from the Invisible Disabilities Association, an important reminder that not all disabilities can be seen or easily understood.

We are continuing to expand our resources for those who are having physical, social, or other difficulties with their disabilities, unrelated to mental health. If there is a specific resource you need or that you would like to recommend, please contact us here!