Welcome, Health Professionals!

Thank you for your interest in disability issues in the American Muslim community. As a project of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), EnabledMuslim invites your participation in this important project.

Almost one-third of all families in the United States have at least one family member with a disability, and American Muslims are no exception. We estimate that there are approximately 600,000 Muslims with disabilities across the country, and many more all over the world. Disabilities can be physical, sensory or cognitive, and are relevant to every field of health care. Spiritual and community support is an essential component of promoting the holistic well-being of people with disabilities, and EnabledMuslim is the first nationwide resource seeking to provide this to Muslims with disabilities and to their loved ones.

We encourage you to get involved by volunteering your time and/or financially supporting our efforts. You can find out how to do both by visiting our Support Us webpage.

We invite you to learn more about disability issues in Muslim communities by exploring the rest of our website. Thank you!