The Year to Vote: Urgency to Act for Self Advocacy
By: Kiran Ahmad, Program Coordinator for EnabledMuslim

This election year has been followed by more people than any other in years passed. Candidates have taken us on a ride of promises, disappointments, hopes, and possibilities. But what has been made clearer than ever before is the power in voting and the absolute need to exercise that right. Minority groups have been a popular topic amongst candidates, discussing our purposes, our contributions and how integrated we are in our communities and the country.

We can only begin to address these questions, and the many others, by advocating for ourselves in local and national levels of policy. By voting, we will not only take part in our basic rights but enact others to take notice of and address our needs. We will be a part of the legal process that bind and release us from our limitations.

Be present now in the process that will grant you independence, a voice, and act on the right to vote. Tuesday, September 27 is National Voter Registration Day. The onus lies on you to register yourself to vote in order to be present in your future.

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