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Abbas Syed and Asad Ali Moten at SMILE event

EnabledMuslim, a project of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), is an online network for spiritual and community support for Muslims living with disabilities and for their loved ones. EnabledMuslim provides them with access to relevant information about their situation and the ability to connect and sustain long-lasting relationships with others who have similar experiences.

Launched in September 2014, EnabledMuslim.org is still a work in progress and we need your help to make it grow into a robust resource that connects people nationwide and beyond. Check out our resource pages and let us know what you would like to find on the site!

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Sometimes I wonder – what does it matter to him, whether he sets foot in any type of masjid/mosque? My son is definitely unMosqued, as is my entire immediate family, to some degree. Oh, we go to events and Jummah prayers at a mosque where we live, but that connection, that sense of belonging that feeling of strong community? – Yeah, not so much. By this point in our lives, though I want for our mosques and our communities to … read more

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